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1. Where can I obtain tourist information?

    You can obtain tourist information at Sakura no Baba Josaien Tourist Information Center on the premises of Sakura no Baba Josaien and at Kumamoto Station Tourist Information Center located within the JR Kumamoto Station building. They offer pamphlets and brochures in English, Chinese, and Korean as well as an call-in interpretation service also in English, Chinese, and Korean.
    The on-site International Exchange Hall provides various information and multi-lingual services as well.

    2. Where are the best spots for cherry blossoms?

    Kumamoto Castle and Suizen-ji Jujo-en Garden are popular spots that attract many visitors every year. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom from late March to early April.

    3. Where are the best spots for autumn leaves?

    The former Hosokawa Residence and the promenade in front of Kumamoto Prefectural Office are the popular spots. Autumn leaves are illuminated in the evening at the former Hosokawa Residence in mid-November.

    4. Where can I meet “Kumamon”?

    You can meet Kumamon at Kumamon Square located in the city center. Please check his schedule on the official website!

    Kumamon Square

    5. Where can I buy souvenirs?

    You can find many souvenir shops in Sakura-no-baba Josaien, Suizen-ji Joju-en Garden and JR Kumamoto Station.

    6. Are there any tax-free shops?

    There are many tax-free shops in Shimotori and Kamitori in the city center and Suizen-ji Joju-en Garden.

    7. Is there free Wi-Fi available?

    “Kumamoto Free Wi-Fi” is available at the JR Kumamoto Station and various tourist destinations and facilities in and around central Kumamoto City. To log in, please follow the instruction displayed on screen. Look for this logo.


Useful Telephone Numbers

*At the pharmacy.

There are mainly two different types of medications available over the counter in Japan: Type 2 and Type 3. Which kind to purchase would depend on your health conditions and your personal preferences, thus it is recommended that you bring your own preferred medicines prior to arriving in Japan.

*For a 911 emergency

911 emergency number in Japan is "119", and the number calls for an ambulance or a fire truck. "Ambulance" in Japanese is "kyu-kyu-sha", and "fire truck" is "sho-boh-sha". You can reach this number from a public pay phone, or you can always ask your hotel to call for help.

Call "110" when you get mugged or suspect important items being stolen from you. The number can be reached from a pay phone, just like "119". Kumamoto Prefecture Police Headquarter Phone: 096-381-0110

Passport - Please obtain a written report of the loss/stolen item(s).
Credit Cards - Call your issuing card company and cancel your card. Report to the nearest police and obtain a written report of the loss/stolen item(s).

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